SmarDeer Digital Electronic Lock for Tuya smart lock with Biometric Fingerprint Lock 5-in-1 keyless entry Code Lock




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Why do you need a smart lock?

Will you forget to bring the key or lose it? When you are not at home, your friends do not visit, and you are worried about your home being stolen while you are away. All these smart locks will solve you. You can remotely authorize the unlocking password to unlock the lock through the Tuya APP, and record every unlocking record for you. Combined with other Tuya smart products, you will enjoy a smarter and safer life.

Easy to switch languages

555666882#           Thai

555666883#           Arabic

555666884#           Spanish

555666885#           Vietnamese

555666886#           Russian

555666887#           Portuguese

555666888#           English/Chinese

Product Features

– The smart lock supports five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, key, IC card, Tuya App (Wi-Fi).

– Easily manage your smart lock through the Tuya APP (Wi-FI).

– Support anti-peeping password setting.

– If you enter the wrong fingerprint or password multiple times, the system will be locked for three minutes.

– Mechanical keys and emergency power supply (MICRO USB) can be used when the door lock is out of power.

– Universal for left and right doors, suitable for 30-55mm(More than 55mm, please contact us) door thickness.

Product Parameter

– Unlocking method: Fingerprint, Key,Password,Card,App

– Fingerprint capacity: 120 pieces

– Password capacity: 100 pieces

– IC Card capacity: 100 pieces

– Mechanical Key: 2 pieces

– Key Card: 2 pieces

– Alarm type: Low battery alarm

– Emergency power supply: Micro USB

– Door opening direction: Universal left and right

– Applicable Door Thickness: 30-55mm

– Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries (not included)

– Voice System: English,Thai,Arabic,Spanish,Vietnamese,Russian,Portuguese,Chinese

– Application Program: Tuya or SmartLife

– Mobile System: Android & IOS

– Working temperature: -20 to +50°C

– Working humidity: 40% to 85% (No condensation)

– Packing size: 335 x200x100mm


SmarDeer Smart Lock for Tuya lock with WiFi door lock Biometric Fingerprint Lock with Fingerprint/Password/RFID Card/Key/APP unlock,Keyless entry fingerprint electronic lockThe smart lock supports five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, key, IC card, Tuya App (Wi-Fi).The Digital Lock supports 8 languages: Portuguese/Spanish/Russian/Arabic/Vietnamese/Thai/English/Chinese.You can switch the language you want with just one simple code.The electronic door lock supports Tuya and Smartlife application management and control. You can manage users, share visitor passwords, and view unlock records.The fingerprint lock supports Wi-Fi connection, no gateway HUB is required, and the smart door lock can be managed remotely through the Tuya App.The smart door lock supports remote unlocking. Input “9#” on the door lock keypad to send a remote unlock request to the mobile phone.You can unlock it wherever you are.The smart lock supports mobile phone APP remote unlocking, remote authorization password, and password aging can be set as needed.The smart electronic door lock supports remote viewing of records and does not require a smart gateway.The fingerprint door lock has a built-in 360° biometric fingerprint sensor, which has fast fingerprint recognition speed and high accuracy.The password lock supports the anti-peeping password. You can enter any number before and after the correct password. Prevent others from peeping at the unlock code.The IC Card door lock has a built-in high-sensitivity card reader chip. Support IC bracelet unlocking, high recognition rate and accuracy.The digital electronic lock supports channel mode, suitable for places with high personnel mobility such as offices. When opening channel mode, there is no need to verify fingerprints or passwords.The biometric fingerprint lock is equipped with a precision steel high-performance electronic lock body, which automatically unlocks and locks.The smart door lock supports two emergency unlocking methods: USB and mechanical key. The door lock can be powered and unlocked through the power bank.The digital door lock supports 5 specifications of mortise. Please choose the one that suits your door.Electronic locks are suitable for homes, apartments, hotels, offices and other places, and are easy to use.The box contains 2 door lock panels, 1 electronic lock, and screws and accessories required for door lock installation