On-Click Battery Operated Garlic/ Spices Chopper


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Electric Garlic Masher Food Chopper Kitchen Garlic Puller Cutter Meat Fruit Vegetable Chopper USB Charging Mini Kitchen Tools


1. The cutter head is made of high-quality stainless steel, with a 35-degree angle design, hard, food-grade, safe, high temperature and corrosion resistant.
2. 45W low-power powerful motor, fully stirring, effectively reduce noise, and long service life.
3. Intimate and safe design, the cup must be aligned with the position of the valve body and rotated to a safe locked position before it can be used.
4. USB can be charged. The USB charging port has a waterproof design. The whole body is waterproof and easy to clean.
5. Easy to operate: put the food into the cup, cover the host, press and hold the switch, and then cut it in a few seconds to a dozen seconds.
6. Multi-purpose: chopped garlic, ginger, pepper, peanut, walnut, etc. Make complementary foods, juices, milkshakes, desserts, smoothies, etc.

Material: Stainless steel +PP
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Rated current: 1A
Rated power: 45W
Capacity: 100ml / 250ml
100ml: 10.5*9.2cm
250ml: 13*9.2cm


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