Measuring Spoon Digital


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1. Product Model: NS-S3

2. Product color: white, brown, blue, pink, green, black

3. Product size: 22.7*5.1*1.4cm

4. Product weight: 41.2g (gross weight: 82.7g)

5. Surface material: ABS environment-friendly plastic shell

6. Weighing range: 500g*0.1g/

7. Functional features: zero, peeling, locking, unit conversion

8. Unit conversion: G, OZ ct, GN

9. Power supply: 1*CR2032 battery

10. Color box size: 24.9*8.2*2.6cm

11. Packing Quantity: 100 sets/carton

12. Outer box size: 52*30*44.3cm

13. Gross weight: 8.5kg/ case 


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