Cleaning Brush Battery Operated


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5-in-1Multifunctional Electric Cleaning Brush Usb Charging Bathroom Wash Brush Kitchen Cleaning Tool Dishwashing Brush Bathtub



Name: Handheld Kitchen Household Dishwashing brush Multifunctional Electric Cleaning brush with 5 replacement brush heads

Material: ABS

Size: See picture

Charging current: 0.5-1A

Power: 3w 3.7v

Battery capacity: 800 mah

Charging time: 1 hour

Usage time: 3 hours

Selling point:

1: Easy cleaning: 5 in 1 multifunctional wireless portable electric cleaning brush can clean with 360 ° rotation. Deep clean stubborn stains and corners. The electric rotary scrubber is rechargeable and the cleaner has 5 replacement brush heads. Clean the home, save effort to clean.

2: Fast charging: Long battery life. Cleaning brush comes with 800mAh lithium battery, USB port charging, super electric storage capacity.

3: Ideal design: Electric rotary brush one key start. Strong high speed vibration. Easily cope with a variety of hygiene and cleaning tasks

4: Brush head design with buckle: can be hung on the wall, convenient storage. Wireless restraint, waterproof body, easy to use.

5: Ideal tool: Kitchen electric cleaning brush suitable for cleaning kitchens, bathtubs, floors, tiles, sinks, cars, etc. Sponges for perishables, polishers for scraping and polishing objects, brushes for hard objects. Makes an ideal gift for your family. An abundance of accessories brings cleanliness home.

Package Included:

1x multifunctional electric cleaning brush

1x plush cloth brush head

1x nylon brush head

1x sponge brush head

1x Sponge 100 clean cloth brush head

1x steel wire ball brush head

1xusb cable


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